Advisory Board Members

TREENET Advisory Board as at September 2015

Bold print denotes Management Committee members

Surname Given Name State Organisation Category
Allen Jan QLD Terra Ark Arborist
Anderson Lee SA Tree Technique / TAFE Education / Consultant
Bijl Vic WA City of Belmont Local Govt.
Bishop Peter QLD Consultant – Bunya Solutions Consultant
Bodenstaff Rob WA Arbor Centre Pty Ltd Arborist
Dalwood Grant SA CEO, Nursery & Garden Industry SA Nursery Industry
Daniels Prof. Chris SA Associate Professor, Director BioCITY Education/Tertiary
Delaporte Dr Kate SA University of Adelaide Education/Tertiary
Fakes Judy NSW Land & Environment Court – NSW Education/Tertiary
Fitzgibbon John VIC Director Metropolitan Trees Nursery Industry
Galwey David VIC Tree Dimensions Arborist/Consultant
Gardner Dr Jennifer SA University of Adelaide Botanist
Gobbett Darryl SA Economist
Treasurer, TREENET
Heath Michael SA Director Landscape Architect
Johnson Tim SA City of Mitcham Local Govt.
Kenyon Ben VIC Homewood Consulting Arborist/Consultant
Kenyon Phillip Vic Kenyon’s Quality Tree Care Arborist/Consultant
Knight Kym SA Tree Environs Arborist/Consultant
Lawry Chris SA District Council of Mt Barker Arborist
Lawry David OAM SA Director Avenues of Honour Avenues of Honour
Lawton Peter VIC Trentcom Nursery Industry
Lensink Michelle SA MLA SA Parliament Member of Parliament
Mitchell Hamish VIC Director Speciality Trees Nursery Industry
Moore Dr Greg VIC University of Melbourne Education
Nicholls Quentin QLD Arbortrack Arborist
Nicolle Dean SA Botanist, Currency Creek Arboretum Research
Plant Lyndal QLD Lyndal Plant Urban Forester
Ryder Cameron VIC C & R Ryder Consulting Arborist/Consultant
Smith James SA fauNature Urban Forest Ecologist
Summers Jason Vic Hume City Council Local Govt.
Sweeney Karen NSW City of Sydney Local Govt
Williams Glenn SA Director TREENET TREENET
Willcocks Mark NSW Active Tree Services Arborist, Engineer
Wylie Sue NSW TreeTalk Arboricultural Consulting Arborist
Zwar John SA TAFE SA Urrbrae Campus Education