This demonstration session, using terrestrial laser scanning, will provide:

  • Up close and personal observation of ground-based LIDAR equipment;
  • Use of the equipment to collect LIDAR data of a tree and some understorey;
  • Viewing of the collected point (via cloud) on a laptop;
  • Looking at interpretation of results;
  • Discussing applications of the technology, including feeding data into i-Tree Eco and other urban forestry uses.

Dr Yazid Ninsalam

Yazid Ninsalam is a Lecturer in the Landscape Architecture Program is currently involved in an ongoing research project with researchers from RMIT Geospatial Science and practitioners from Tree Dimensions to develop a method to translate 3D LiDAR measurements and classification techniques to produce reports that quantify understorey vegetation.

He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture and was awarded concurrent degrees in Master of Landscape Architecture and Bachelor of Arts (Architecture) with honours from the National University of Singapore.

He previously worked as a landscape architect for the National Parks Board of Singapore after spending four years in the Landscape Ecology module as a doctoral researcher at the Future Cities Laboratory, a research program of the Singapore-ETH Centre established by ETH Zurich and Singapore’s National Research Foundation.


Dr Luke Wallace

Luke is a Vice Chancellors Postdoctoral Research fellow at RMIT University.
Luke’s principle research interests are focused on the acquisition and application of remotely sensed data for describing vegetated environments in 3D. 
This work focuses on the creation of 3D data using different sensors (ranging from smartphones to lasers) and platforms (including drones and satellites) and the development of novel algorithms to turn this data into actionable information