David PannellDavid will outline the key lessons we have learned about the value of urban trees. Trees are valuable even if they don’t generate profits for somebody. They potentially provide amenity, aesthetic benefits, cooling, and habitat for wildlife. But how can we quantify and monetise these non-financial benefits in a way that allows us to compare them to costs? Environmental economists have a range of techniques for doing so, and they have been widely applied to urban trees and vegetation.

Professor David Pannell

David Pannell is Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Western Australia; Director, Co-Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy; ARC Federation Fellow (2007-2012); Distinguished Fellow and past president of the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society; Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia; and a Director of Natural Decisions Pty Ltd. His research includes the economics of urban greening; economics of land, water and nature conservation; environmental policy; and behaviour change to deliver environmental benefits. David has won awards for his research in the USA, Australia, Canada and the UK, including the 2009 Eureka Prize for Interdisciplinary Research.