Beyond boundaries – new spatial analysis for equitable and resilient greening

Lines are typically drawn on maps to set boundaries and divide land into manageable pieces. At the broader scale these may be local government areas, suburbs or wards, and at the smaller scale they may distinguish roads from parks and private lots. Urban foresters have typically used these boundaries and areas to summarise and present data related to the trees they manage.

However, trees exist throughout the urban landscape, and management issues such as diversity, resilience, and community access override these artificial boundaries. This presentation will explain and demonstrate new spatial analysis used by the City of Sydney to look beyond these boundaries, to gain greater insight, and to better manage their urban forest for the entire community.

Karen Sweeney

Karen Sweeney is the Urban Forest Manager for the City of Sydney Council. Karen has worked in local government for over 20 years in all aspects of tree management; from operations and tree assessments, through to contract management and policy development. She has technical qualifications in Arboriculture, Landscape Design and Parks and Gardens, and has completed a Master in Business Administration.

In the last 14 years Karen has been strategically managing the City of Sydney’s urban forest and the City’s tree management team. During this time she has led the development and implementation of the City’s Urban Forest Strategy, Tree Management Policy, Street Tree Master Plan, 19th Century Park Tree Management Plans and the Register of Significant Trees. Karen is responsible for the direction of Sydney’s urban forest in a physically and politically challenging environment.