No one is immune to growing, brokering, selling or purchasing and installing into the landscape container induced root defects. ‘Don’t Buy It Don’t Plant It’ is a journey into realisation of the highs and lows of establishing treescapes today.

It also gently highlights that AS2303 does nothing as a desk document or when quoted in speech or written specifications, it requires a commitment to getting your hands dirty and forming relationships with all allied stakeholders involved, in order to deliver fast establishing and ultimately successful treescapes.

Chris Lawry

Chris is endemic to the Adelaide Hills and is a lucky South Australian just because he is one. Chris has been around and involved in practical horticulture, since birth into a backyard family nursery business.
Toddler demanded ‘me too jobs’ turned into school holiday pocket money jobs, which inevitably turned into a career in nursery, landscape and arboriculture.

Any horticultural misconceptions he may have had as a landscaper were ironed out at Melbourne’s Burnley College while on a pilgrimage to discover the secrets of what really is the gold standard within the spectrum of horticulture, trees. Originally enrolling in order to learn how not to fall out of them and use a chainsaw at the same time, but then soon discovering the world of trees as a totally epic place.

Known to his local government peers as a diehard arboriculture tragic and currently assisting Mount Barker District Council Chris has spent 12 years in local government planning departments near exhausting his number one career passion ‘trees and development’.
A good part of the job  involves assimilating existing large trees into housing developments big and small, while balancing all the competing priorities so there is a win / win outcome. It’s not always the same except that it’s a matter of getting the job done in the company of progressive planners and engineers.

Chris loves gardening, T bone steaks and most outdoor activities; also has a keen interest in cosmology and what goes on in the universe.
He’s into yoga but not pina colada and long walks in the rain are fine with good water proofs.