Scott HawkenThe Miyawaki Method of forestry is an innovative Japanese approach to the rapid, cultivation of biodiverse forest patches within cities and their surrounds. It is an emerging global phenomenon that has inspired industry leaders, communities, and environmental practitioners around the world. By using such techniques to introduce biodiversity back into human settlements, cities stand to benefit through greater health, industry productivity, and community engagement. This talk will examine the history of this movement and its potential for Adelaide and Australia.

Dr Scott Hawken

Dr. Scott Hawken is an Urban Designer, Landscape Architect, and Landscape Archaeologist. His research and teaching bring together these three disciplines in creative ways. He is a strong supporter of the kind of transdisciplinary thinking necessary to tackle the large problems of our time. He is director of the planning and urban design program in the School of Architecture and Built Environment, University of Adelaide. He works across the planning and landscape architecture programs and convenes postgraduate courses in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design. His research spans Metropolitan Green Infrastructure, Smart Cities, Asian Urbanism and Long Term Sustainability. His research on Asian urbanism and archaeology has been publicised in feature length BBC, National Geographic documentaries and been published in various peer reviewed journals.