As part of the Project goals to encourage the uptake of innovative engineered spaces for growing healthy, long-lived trees in paved urban areas, TREENET now offers the opportunity to share your experiences and knowledge through our CASE STUDY web portal.

In conjunction with sourcing some initial case studies, we are received some great feedback about the kinds of knowledge gaps the need to be filled to progress tree spaces towards the business as usual approach.  Come along and share your thoughts.

Dr Lyndal Plant

Lyndal is an urban forester and has worked in local government policy and strategic planning for urban trees, including many years with Brisbane City Council. A Churchill Fellow, member of TREENET management committee and now a published researcher and consultant, Lyndal has helped advance urban forest evidence gathering techniques and make stronger business cases for investment in green infrastructure.

Lyndal now focuses on policy development/review and cutting-edge urban forest initiatives. She sees the forest, not just the trees – helps plan and monitor outcomes, not just outputs and is committed to greener, cooler neighbourhoods for all.