Formative Pruning

Cameron will offer insights into the techniques and the multiple benefits of grooming trees in their infancy.

Cameron Ryder

Cameron has been involved in the broader horticulture industry for 22 years including 17 studying and practicing arboriculture.  Cameron worked as a climbing arborist for a short while before injury forced an early end.  Since 2004, he has worked as a consultant in the arboricultural industry and completed many and varied projects including as an expert witness in various legal fora.

In recent years he has co-authored 2 published journal articles based on previous research investigating a cost benefit analysis for formative pruning young trees and on the efficacy of Ground Penetrating Radar.

In 2014, Cameron started C&R Ryder Consulting.  In a short while the business has experienced strong growth and focuses on providing high quality tree and vegetation assessments, tree surveys, strategic documentation and arboricultural project management to local governments, utilities, civil and the legal/insurance sectors.