Green Streets Program – Community Engagement

The Sutherland Shire Council’s Green Streets Program objectives include preserving the Shire’s sense of place, using the right trees in the right spots for the long term, carrying out quality planting and maintenance, and engaging with the community about the value of trees. The aim of the Green Streets Program is to align planting with the Green Grid Strategy, using vegetation analysis to direct canopy replenishment.

This planting season will see 3000 street trees planted in the project called 3K Trees 2020, which is part of the NSW Government’s 5 Million Trees for Greater Sydney Grant Program, in the suburbs of Taren Point, Jannali, Engadine and Cronulla. Community engagement is the primary focus for this planting project, and the council has developed tools to allow the team to design and review in the field, and make that information available to the public for consultation.

This presentation will provide an overview of the 3K Trees 2020 project, focussing on how connecting with residents has propelled this project, even with COVID-19 restrictions, to result in street tree adoption by the community.

Katie Denoon

Katie is an environmental advocate, restoring canopy through education and engagement with local, regional and national communities and government. Her current role as Sutherland Shire Council’s Canopy Co-ordinator includes development and execution of the Green Streets Program, which aims to replenish the canopy of The Shire so future generations can enjoy leafy, resilient and liveable neighbourhoods. She has fifteen years’ experience working in the environmental sector with a passion for connecting people with nature.