This presentation will explore the historical development of urban forestry in Australia since the 1970s. It will place the trajectory of urban forestry in the context of global economic change and the shifts in environmental problems and politics. It will describe three urban forest ‘projects’ defined by different, but overlapping styles of manifesting the urban forest’s form and functions. These projects are named the forest in a city, the city forest, and the city in a forest.

Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones is a cultural geographer with an enthusiasm for anything leafy. He is a qualified horticulturist and continues to work in garden construction and maintenance. He recently completed his PhD at the University of Newcastle and teaches courses in geography and environmental studies at several institutions.

Ryan’s research is broadly concerned with environmental management, urban sustainability, and the nature of human-plant sociality in the city. He has previously published research on the practices and politics of tree risk, as well as the history of urban forestry in Australia. His most recent research seeks to understand how people’s desire to live with, and care for, trees in their neighbourhood is cultivated and sustained.