Streets are for people, however over the last 40 years, the artform of making them has been virtually lost. What used to be street making, has become mini-road design. All the financial and intellectual effort goes into making streets suitable for cars and trucks and as a result, humans no longer feel comfortable spending time in our most important economic and social places; Streets!

In this presentation Steven will drill down to what people like in streets and how we should go about reintroducing the artform of street making as distinct from road design, and in particular how the environment can and should be created such that streets once again become the important economic and social gathering places they should have always been.

Steven Burgess


Steven Burgess is an Engineer and an Urban Strategist with extensive experience around movement and transport, particularly street design and placemaking.

He has written, published and presented on the topic throughout the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and the UAE.