Irrigated greenspace – improving the liveability of towns and suburbs

During the 2019/20 irrigation season, SA Water undertook a trial, using smart hardware and software technology to ensure that open space irrigation is both efficient and effective.

Equipment was deployed in over 20 parks, with another 220 outdoor areas also being equipped with air temperature sensors to capture the cooling benefits related to green versus brown open space.

The presentation will provide detailed information on the method and results of this trial, and how this fits with future plans aimed at improving the lives and resilience of the South Australian community.

Greg Ingleton

Greg is SA Water’s Manager of Environmental Opportunities and focuses on improving liveability and productivity in relation to water.

An environment scientist and former farmer, Greg explores and implements solutions to managing water and energy in our urban environment to reduce the impacts of urban heat islands and ensure our South Australian communities are resilient against climate impacts now and into the future.