Soil is complicated and we still have a lot to learn about soil/tree interactions.  This presentation will look at some recent research that throws some light on these interactions, as well as providing some general advice about soil specification and amelioration for healthy tree growth.  The presentation will finish by thinking aloud about possible directions for providing sustainable soil environments for urban trees.

Dr Peter May

Peter May graduated with an honours degree in agricultural science from the University of Melbourne and completed a PhD in soil science at the same institution.
He was employed as an academic at Burnley Campus – The University of Melbourne for 30 years, developing expertise in soil science, urban soils and urban and landscape horticulture.  At Burnley he taught undergraduate and post-graduate subjects, managed courses and supervised postgraduate students.
He was head of Campus on retirement in 2005.
On retiring he established a consultancy business (May Horticulture Services) and for about 12 years provided specialist advice in a range of areas including urban and landscape soils, landscape plant establishment, landscape plant selection and the management and maintenance of landscape plants, primarily to local government and landscape architecture firms.
He is now enjoying a proper retirement.  He is an assistant editor of the journal Arboriculture and Urban Forestry.