Karen Smith

Balancing the business needs and an expanding event calendar is never straight forward when considering the needs of a protected animal species and its growing population. In this session you will learn about the expanding Flying Fox colony located in Botanic Park and the measures put in place to reduce the impact on the living collection and the Flyer Foxes.

  • Overview on Flying Fox colony and the species Grey-headed Flying-foxes Pteropus poliocephalus
  • The effect of heat stress an flying foxes and the long term impact on the colony
  • The impact of the flying foxes of the collection (dispelling myths)
  • Measures in place to reduce heat stress and manage the roost trees

Presentation with Linda Collins

Karen Smith

Karen commenced her horticultural career as an Apprentice at the Adelaide Botanic Garden in 1987. Throughout her career she has held multiple roles across the horticultural industry including Roma Street Park Lands, Brisbane and the University of Adelaide, Waite Arboretum. While studying a Bachelor of Science, Karen specialised in plant physiology, specifically plants growing in saline environments.

Karen has held the role of Horticultural Curator at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens since 2006 where she oversees two of the largest significant tree collections.