As our cities and suburbs continue to grow, green space is in decline. But does this have to be the case? Josh will discuss how urban densification can present opportunities for creative renewal and biophilic regeneration for improved liveability and sustainability.

Dr Josh Byrne

Josh Byrne is an environmental scientist, author, television presenter and research academic.

Josh has a unique approach to environmental design and community engagement and is recognised as one of Australia’s leading sustainability communicators. He is Director of Josh Byrne & Associates – a multi award winning Fremantle based consulting practice integrating the fields of landscape architecture, built environment sustainability, media

and communications.

Josh is a Research Fellow with Curtin University and an Adjunct Associate Professor with the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of New South Wales. His research activities span high performance housing, water sensitive design and sustainable urban developments.

Josh is well known as a television presenter on ABC’s Gardening Australia program where over the past 15 years he has showcased the benefits of sustainable gardening to a national audience. He is author of two best-selling books on this subject and a regular contributor to the Gardening Australia Magazine.

Josh is Patron for the Conservation Council of WA and an Advocate for the national 202020 Vision urban greening initiative. His favourite past time is gardening.