In recent years a significant number of papers have emerged describing the benefits to humans gained from urban trees and forests. Some studies have attempted to attach a financial benefit to these services. Given the number of papers, various types of literature reviews are also available. This paper synthesises those reviews and more recent papers relating to the financial benefits of urban trees.

Kirrilie Rowe

Kirrilie Rowe has recently completed a PhD in renewable energy for residential precincts.  Her research has given communities a way forward when trying to maximise use of their own renewable energy. However, her interest extends beyond electricity, to encompass all ideas which create a socially and environmentally sustainable place to live. To this end, she undertook an internship with TreeNET, looking at the financial benefit of services provided by urban trees, as she understands the integration of greenspace in the urban environment is fundamental to a healthy community. Kirrilie’s working life has included working as a hydrogeologist with consultancies and government departments in South Australia, and later involvement with a company undertaking solar installations. Her aim is to combine all she has learnt and undertake further research into the potential benefits of alternative urban forms. To understand more about Kirrilie’s work, you can access her TEDx at: