Paul Winter

Located in the western part of Adelaide Botanic Garden next to the Ginkgo Gate, the Garden of Health demonstrates the use of plants to heal and promote health and wellbeing in western and non-western cultures. This garden has been designed to give visitors a sense of how the use of medicinal plants has developed over time, from the Neolithic period to present medical science and pharmacology.

In this session you will learn about the complexities of managing over 2,300 plants in such a unique collection and develop an appreciation of the significant tress in the space and how important they are for the surrounding collections.

  • History and development of Garden
  • Collection development and planning
  • Existing collection and impact and enhancement of new collections


Paul Winter

Paul Winter is Senior Horticultural Curator at the Adelaide Botanic Garden. Every day he witnesses staff and visitors reap the benefits of decisions made 20, 50 or more than 100 years ago by past gardeners, curators and directors who planted trees that now dominate this landscape. He has a background in visual arts and for more than 17 years he has worked as a horticulturalist in Gardens.

Paul’s special interests are Australian native flora and natural landscapes in general.