In 2017 i-Tree Eco software was used to quantify the environmental benefits of over 1200 Arboretum trees (half the collection), representing 601 species in 146 genera. The software employed field data collected by volunteers, local climate and air pollution data, and species characteristics.  The full report is available from

An online map of the surveyed trees with their individual environmental benefits is available from

A Waite Arboretum aerial image with every surveyed tree, highlighted in light green with the 10-colour range reflecting the age class of the tree, and labelled with the scientific name will be displayed.   Click on a tree to display its environmental benefits.

Participants in this workshop are advised to download the online map on a mobile device before the workshop.  The method of collecting field data and individual tree assessment criteria will be presented, then explore the Arboretum solo, or take a guided walk past a selection of trees with the highest environmental benefits.  The environmental benefits will also be available on the free Waite Arboretum App which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Dr Jennifer Gardner OAM

Jennifer retired as Curator of the Waite Arboretum at the University of Adelaide’s Waite Campus in 2017 – a position she held for 31 years. She assisted David Lawry to co-found TREENET in 1997.

In collaboration with Marian McDuie and Erica Boyle, Jennifer completed an analysis of a selection of over 1200 trees in the Waite Arboretum using iTree Eco software.  Also produced is an online map featuring the trees included in the survey and the individual results of the quantified environmental benefits calculated by iTree Eco analysis.

For Jennifer the Waite Arboretum is a very special place as a valuable experimental collection, a repository for rare and endangered species, an asset for teaching and research, wildlife habitat, a resource for landscape architects, planners, arborists and the nursery industry and a tranquil green space for the enjoyment of the whole community, as well as its environmental benefits.
Jennifer continues her association as a volunteer, working on Arboretum projects and participating in working bees in the Waite Arboretum, Gardens and the Waite Conservation Reserve – 121 ha of remnant Grey Box Grassy Woodland.  She is currently working with Marian to complete the development of a mobile app for the Waite Reserve, following the successful launch of their Waite Arboretum App in 2015.

Marian McDuie

Marian has worked for TAFESA for over ten years in Conservation and Land Management.  She is a passionate advocate for all things spatial and is presently responsible for delivery of all GIS related units at Urrbrae.
Marian came from a practical horticulture background and ran a landscape design and construction business for several years.
Experience as a Regional Coordinator for Bush For Life confirmed her commitment to the practical application of on-ground, scientific principles and the benefits that can be derived from informed community involvement in conservation.  This commitment resulted in achieving a Bachelor degree in Geographical Information Systems, a Master of Environmental Management and a Master of Natural History Film Making.
Most recently in collaboration with Jennifer Gardner and Erica Boyle (Adelaide University – Waite campus) completed analysis of selection of over 1200 trees within the Waite Arboretum using iTree Eco software.
Marian is currently working with Jennifer Gardner to complete the development of a mobile app for the Waite Conservation Reserve, following the successful launching of the Waite Arboretum app in 2015.