Collaborative Approach to Green Engineering

Tim will introduce some ideas on establishing research collaborations to undertake multi-disciplinary field-based research into green engineering.

Partnerships between academe, industry, state and local government, which have proved effective over the past decade will be presented.

Tim will offer thoughts on expanding such collaborations into the future, to extend research, apply new knowledge and deliver cost-effective working demonstration sites.

Dr Tim Johnson

Dr Tim Johnson’s experience as an arborist and civil engineer ensures his knowledge of the issues, opportunities and difficulties of delivering green engineering remains informed and current.

As an Industry Adjunct with the University of South Australia Tim’s research interests focus on engineering which supports trees so interactions between roots, infrastructure, water and soil deliver maximum benefit to urban communities and the environment.
His experience ‘on the tools’ and in technical roles in the private and public sectors underpins his practical approach to applied interdisciplinary research.

Working in local government as a Sustainable Infrastructure Engineer, Tim builds experimental design into working demonstrations to investigate nature-based solutions to some of the challenges associated with urbanisation and the changing environment.

Tim is a long-term member of TREENET’s Management Committee and Advisory Board, of the Institute of Public Works Engineers Australasia, Arboriculture Australia and the International Society of Arboriculture.