Andrew will outline the work of the Clean Air and Urban Landscape hub as it relates to contemporary urban greening research. He will describe how the information generated in this project can have an impact by providing an example of the Shadeways project.

This is a partnership between RMIT, City of Greater Bendigo, Spatial Vision, Shanghai Qijing Planning and Design and La Trobe University. Shadeways seeks to leverage ongoing work between the City of Greater Bendigo and the Bureau of Meteorology to map fine-grained heat data and allow users to map low temperature travel routes. This will protect active mobility in cities and improve understanding of the benefits of urban greening.

Associate Professor Andrew Butt

Andrew is Associate Professor in Sustainability and Urban Planning at RMIT University, Melbourne.
His research interests relate to land use planning systems and practice, with a focus on regional and peri-urban communities.
Recently, this has included issues associated with climate change adaptation with planning systems and local government through policy and material interventions in areas including active transport, food systems and urban shade