Steve’s presentation will cover the work of The Tree Projects so far and he will explain the technical process of climbing, rigging and creating a tree portrait. Steve will then go into the Tasmanian Big Tree Register and talk about his motivations for creating it as well as outline the current state of big tree threats and protections in Tasmania.

Steve Pearce, The Tree Projects 

Steve along with his wife Dr Jen Sanger has travelled to many of the world’s big tree environments with the goal of exploring, climbing and photographing these monster trees. He has approached big trees and tree climbing from an exploratory artistic perspective and is dedicated to sharing the imagery and stories of these trees. In 2020 Steve launched the Tasmanian Big Tree Register and in 2021 released his film The Tasmanian Big Tree Hunters. He plans on revealing a 2m high print of his latest “tree portrait”, a snow covered 76m Eucalyptus obliqua deep in the Florentine Valley of Tasmania at the TREENET Symposium.