Tree Sensitive Approach to Infrastructure Maintenance and Development

Can State and Local Government work together to achieve Liveability and reduce urban heat island?

This presentation will illustrate the innovative construction techniques SA Water is use to protect roadside vegetation during infrastructure upgrades.

In addition, we will explore how local government and state government can collaborate to achieve tree canopy and liveability targets by sharing common spaces such as road verges to ensure that essential services and trees can co-exist.

Alex Czura

Alex Czura began his career at SA Water in 2007 as a Climate Change officer, where he managed SA Water’s greenhouse inventory, developed SA Water’s climate change strategy and developed the greenhouse accounting for the Adelaide Desalination Plant.

In 2011 he moved into an Environmental Impact Assessment role managing environmental opportunities and approvals, auditing and site reinstatements of both minor and major capital projects. Projects include the North South Interconnection project NSISP, Major pipeline and reservoir spillway upgrades and more recently the Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme including a 30km pipeline, recycled water treatment plant and Adelaide’s largest Managed Aquifer Recharge and Recovery Scheme Project.

More recently, Alex has been working within the liveability space as part of the Strategy Innovation and Business of Tomorrow Team in SA Water. Here, he is investigating the benefits of urban water use as an alternative to electricity, to cool both residential and commercial properties. Another project is to introduce local government groups to smart irrigation tools, reducing their water use and reducing spend while encouraging them to meet sustainability targets.

Alex is passionate about achieving improved liveability outcomes, taking action to reduce the effects of climate change and working collaboratively with local government and developers to increase urban green spaces. Currently, Alex is working with local government groups to achieve their tree canopy targets while protecting SA Water assets and is an advocate for “the right tree in the right place”.