What does an urban forest really cost? Developing the Tree Budget Tool

Mosaic Insights have developed a tool that allows users to calculate the cost of a successful urban tree over its lifecycle, from production to replacement. The simple-to-use tool uses data from industry stakeholders across Australia to create an economic model of the costs of successfully establishing tree based urban green space. The model takes into account a wide range of factors that affect the cost of urban trees.

Jim Binney

Jim is a resource and environmental economic practitioner with over 25 years’ of postgraduate experience. Since 2006 he has undertaken in excess of 220 consulting assignments, in all states and territories across Australia, as well as numerous international assignments, and for multinational organisations.

Cost-benefit analysis, cost effectiveness analysis, and non-market valuation are tools used in most of his projects. A major focus of his work is the integration of environmental values into mainstream decision making and investment.

Prior to commencing his consulting career in 2006, Jim was the Director of Economics for the Department of Natural Resources in Queensland Australia.

In addition to his consulting work Jim is also a Board Member of Queensland Trust for Nature and the Economic Advisor on the Queensland Water Minister’s Expert Panel.