Trees play an essential role in the urban environment but how can the benefits they deliver be better integrated into the planning process? This talk will report on the results of the study “Where should all the trees go?” funded by Hort Innovation.

In the study we aimed to benchmark progress on the amounts of green spaces in urban Australia. We then took the amounts of green space in different local authorities and examined how these correlate with hotspots and areas of socio-economic disadvantage.  The presentation will detail the findings and describe how these numbers can prioritise which local governments should be urgently greening.

Associate Professor Marco Amati

Marco Amati is originally from the UK and completed degrees in environmental science and planning at Leeds University, Trinity College Dublin and University of Tsukuba in Japan.

For more than a decade he has focused on mapping the canopy of urban trees and is interested in understanding how trees can make urban life better for all species.

His current research at RMIT University focuses on planning and mapping greenspaces in metropolitan Australia and understanding how and why greenery influences eye-movements.