Purpose of project

Streetscape renewal

Streetscape renewal and enhancement

Installation type


Load bearing cells and suspended pavement

Tree planting date

November, December 2017

Tree species

Pyrus ussuriensis (Manchurian Pear)
Botanical name (Common name)

Number of Trees Planted


Tree Stock Size at Planting

100+ or ex-ground

Number of Trees Surviving


Survival Assessment Date
Owner of Site

City of Adelaide

Contact Details

Contact Name

Stuart Pope

Contact Phone

8203 7203

Contact Email

Location Details

Location Address

Bank Street Adelaide

Bank Street Adelaide


City of Adelaide

Technical Detail

If you require details not available here, see contact details.

Case Study Description
Design &/or as constructed detail
Depth of Engineered Space

Engineered spaces were expanded to provide the greatest amount of soil volume per tree , whilst balancing the impact on adjacent 3rd party services and negating the need for relocations , wherever possible. The engineered spaces were designed to support a reinforced concrete roadway over the top of the tree vaults in combination with the roadway slab was designed to be able to span the vaults

Volume of Engineered Space

Approx 13 cubic metres per tree

Drainage Type

A new stormwater system was incorporated in the street design which incorporated a natural fall down the street with a full length trench grate to capture surface runoff, this allowed the design team to include a gravity fed passive irrigation system for the tree vaults, connected to the trench grate design to divert stormwater into the tree cells. The stormwater was collected at the end of the slope and is charged back into the stormwater system. Irrigation was also included into the design

Drainage Type Resource/Image/Document
Surface Treatment


Growing Media Detail
1.   SOIL MIX 

The specified soil mix as shown on the drawings is detailed at Schedule 3.1:

Schedule 3.1 – Soil Mix Register 

Soil 90/10 sandy loam
Additive 1 Sieved (minus 6mm) organic compost
Additive 2 Triabon slow-release fertiliser

(available in 25kg bags)

Additive 3 Manganese sulphate

 Soil depths

The soil mix is to be placed in the Stratacell as follows:

Top 300mm – 90/10 sandy loam with Additives 1,2 and 3

Below 300mm to subgrade level: 90/10 sandy loam soil only


 Additives shall be carefully measure and mixed with soil to achieve an evenly mixed, amended soil for placement in the uppermost 300mm of the installation. Additives shall be as per Schedule 3.2. Prior to incorporation of this mixture the Contractor shall provide a sample and testing results for the Principals approval.

Schedule 3.2 – Additives Schedule 

Additive Name Rate
Additive 1 Sieved (minus 6mm) organic compost 1 part compost to 5 parts soil
Additive 2 Triabon slow-release fertiliser 1.5kg per cubic metre
Additive 3 Manganese sulphate 80g per cubic metre






Surrounding site soil detail Resource/Image/Document
Watering Regime


Maintenance Detail

Non-Technical Detail

Challenges Overcome

Satisfying pavement engineering standards

Stakeholder Feedback


Stakeholder Support for future projects of this kind


Funding Source

Partnership Project State Government and City of Adelaide


Project Cost

$35,000 per tree supply and install – excludes ongoing maintenance costs

Partners/Sponsors Information

Jopint Partnership with State Government and City of Adelaide