Purpose of project

Streetscape renewal

Installation type


Designed planting pits to provide adequate root volume which will allow trees of large scale and include stormwater water polishing in infiltration pits

Tree planting date

2011 approx

Tree species

Quercus palustris (Pin Oak)
Botanical name (Common name)

Number of Trees Planted


Tree Stock Size at Planting

100+ or ex-ground

Number of Trees Surviving

6 + 2

Survival Assessment Date

April 2019


Other WSUD type

Owner of Site

Blue Mountains City Council

Contact Details

Contact Name

Susan Bell

Contact Phone

02 4780 5447

Contact Email

Location Details

Location Address

Great Western Highway, Lawson

Corner of Staples Crescent & GWH , Lawson - continuing for 80 metres west.


Blue Mountains CIty Council

Technical Detail

If you require details not available here, see contact details.

Case Study Description

The RMS  undertook a progressive upgrade in stages of the Great Western Highway from Lapstone to Katoomba from about 1990 to 2016. From around 2009-2012 it undertook the upgrade through the town centre of Lawson, involoving the demolition of the commercial centre shops, widening of the Highway and significant landscaping. This project involved the installation of a carpark in front of the new shopping centre separated from the highway shoulder by a narrow landscaped strip. A decision was made by the RMS, with the encouragement of Council’s Urban Designer and the RMS’ consultants HBO+EMTB, to construct the planting strip to provide adequate root volume, deep aeration and stormwater polishing.

Design &/or as constructed detail
Depth of Engineered Space


Volume of Engineered Space

250M3 approx

Drainage Type

slotted pipe in base of planting pit - see attached drawings

Drainage Type Resource/Image/Document
Surface Treatment
Growing Media Detail

Soil MIx A (to 300mm depth): 30% imported topsoil, 50% coarse sand, 20% organic matter, + amendments

Soil mix B: (subsoil)40% imported topsoil, 60% coarse sand.

Note detail included on plan V01

Surrounding Site Soil Detail

Hard paved surface with compacted subgrade as per engineering details

Surrounding site soil detail Resource/Image/Document
Watering Regime


Maintenance Detail

24 months establishment maintenance – none subsequently. Note two trees at the eastern end were demolished buy a car and have been replaced.None

Non-Technical Detail

Challenges Overcome

Justifying the need for tree trench space

Stakeholder Feedback


Stakeholder Support for future projects of this kind


Funding Source

RMS Great Western Highway upgrade - Lawson stage 2


Project Cost



Partners/Sponsors Information

Would not have been possible without an enlightened RMS project manager and an excellent consultant