Tuesday 10th July 2018; Monday 13th August 2018; Tuesday 9th October 2018

Perth City Farm, 1 City Farm Place, East Perth

Healthy trees, healthy people – Greening our cities for a sustainable future

The upcoming Sustainable Urban Forest Management Symposium Series is a unique, exciting and innovative fusion of entertainment and environmental education on some of Perth’s high profile open spaces, bringing nature back to cities on three days in July, August and October this year.

Watch a pop up forest go up in a 45-minute fast-paced live performance, with a different theme on each day, transforming the harsh public space opposite City Farm into a beautiful urban green space. Three different forests will go up each day, showcasing how waste, recycled products and C&D (construction and demolition waste), together with innovative tree species, quickly and simply transforms it into a funky post-modern community hub for everyone to enjoy.

The Symposium, a collaboration between The Forever Project and ArborCarbon, features world-class examples of urban greening and urban forests from Hong Kong, Singapore, Hawaii and the UK, where cities have successfully balanced urban greenery and canopy cover.

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