Tree Photography Workshop

As a special offering at the 2023 Symposium, Graham Gall will lead a workshop to share practical insights into his method of producing exhibition quality photographs of trees. Graham will preselect three trees in the Adelaide Botanic Garden as subjects and will work with the participants on ways to photograph them.

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Future Trees phase 1: Growing and exploring a digital forest

The management of urban trees has a massive influence on the liveability of a city. Climate change is impacting the sustainability of Adelaide’s urban forest, which is largely comprised of a small number of temperate zone species, some of which are unlikely to cope well with Adelaide’s trajectory towards a semi-arid climate. Urban planners have

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Research at Currency Creek Arboretum

Currency Creek Arboretum is a specialist eucalypt arboretum focused on education and scientific research into Australia’s most dominant and iconic group of plants, the eucalypts (genera Angophora, Corymbia and Eucalyptus). The arboretum has the largest collection of eucalypt species growing anywhere in the world, it is privately-owned, managed by partners Dean Nicolle (botanist, arborist &

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