Welcome to our newest TREENET members Tree Sales. Located in Baranduda Victoria, near Albury they have been running their tree nursery for many years.

Focusing mainly on growing and selling native and deciduous trees that are less prone to issues such as those commonly associated with disease problems or limb breakage they discovered a need that they had for a better way to grow their trees.

This lead to the invention of the Boostabag, a cost effective air pruning container that develops a high quality fibrous root system leading to faster tree growth, and a healthier tree. Even better, the bags help to meet AS2303 standards, reduce costs and make handling and planting easier than ever.

So whether you are looking for high-quality trees, or a high-quality air pruning system to grow trees, shrubs and other plants in, keep treesales.com.au in mind.

If you are curious about these innovative tree bags, you’ll get to see samples up close and personal at the 2017 TREENET Symposium.

Or visit them online at www.treesales.com.au or www.boostabag.com.au