Increased urbanisation and population growth sustains many challenges to fostering the environmental, social, physical and mental health and well-being of our urban citizens.

Some of the key challenges include urban heat island effect, the pressure of climate change adaptation, loss of open-space, alienation from nature, community isolation, equity of access to services and so on.

In meeting these challenges, the need to consider better approaches to how urban planning, water-sensitive urban design, trees and greenspace are accommodated and strategically integrated with the built form, infrastructure and services, is well identified.

TREENET continues to be both a follower and a leader in providing a forum for conversations about these important matters.

A healthy, national urban forest is critical in supporting the liveability of our towns and cities and integral to the resilience of our urban communities.

With a core focus on urban forest management and conservation, TREENET facilitates and supports research with practical application to growing and managing healthy, long-lived trees in Australian towns and cities.

Together with our network of supporters and research institutions, TREENET is active in three key areas: