Johnson, Tim

Engineering for Trees

Abstract Urbanisation has delivered society many benefits but has also created problems. Low albedo and high thermal mass create urban heat islands. Altered hydrological cycles can lead to downstream flooding or desertification, pollution, and erosion. Loss of vegetation and the resulting nature deficit increases human physical and mental health disorders and diseases. With traditional engineering […]

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Putting a dollar value on urban forest benefits

Abstract Many studies on the benefits of trees and urban green space have been completed in recent years, an increasing number of which calculate the monetary value for what are currently non-market benefits. Published economic and financial benefits relate mainly to five services: amenities, shading, air quality, carbon sequestration and water management. Of these, amenity

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Collaborative Approach to Green Engineering

TREENET supports research and knowledge sharing to better integrate trees into cities. Since it began in 1997, TREENET has collaborated with industry, government, research and educational institutions to progress Australian urban forestry. The understanding that trees are fundamental assets which support healthy and resilient communities is now more widespread due to TREENET, to similarly focused agencies worldwide and to global awareness and concern regarding climate change and urbanisation…

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