7th & 8th September 2000

Charles Hawker Conference Centre

Waite Campus Adelaide University

ISBN 0 9775084 0 4


To improve the streetscapes of Australia through the successful selection, production, installation and management of street trees in the urban environment.

A collaborative network of individuals, public and private organisations and institutions, TREENET achieves results through promoting and assisting research and education in the many facets of arboriculture.

Participants gain mutual benefit from the results obtained through the integrated pursuit of common objectives.


This document is the compiled material from the Inaugural TREENET Street Tree Symposium, held at the Charles Hawker Conference Centre at the Waite Campus of Adelaide University on the 7th and 8th of September.

85 delegates attended the Symposium, representing local councils, nurseries, professional horticultural and arboricultural consultants & educational institutions. The TREENET Street Tree Symposium will be an annual event.

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