Professor Sean Connell, University of Adelaide

For further reading about Sean Connell’s subject matter refer to the following publications:

Connell SD (2007) Water quality and the loss of coral reefs and kelp forests: alternative states and the influence of fishing. In: Connell SD, Gillanders BM (eds) Marine Ecology. Oxford University Press, Melbourne

Gorman D, Russell BD, Connell SD (2009) Land-to-seaconnectivity: linking human-derived terrestrial subsidies to subtidal habitat change on openrocky coasts. EcolAppl 19:1114-1126

Falkenberg LJ, Connell SD, Russell BD (2013) Disrupting the effects of synergies between stressors: improved water quality dampens the effects of future CO2 on a marine habitat. Journal of Applied Ecology 50:51-58

European Commission’s Environment Directorate-General highlighted the last paper as providing a unique insight into the vital scientific issues relevant to current EU environmental policy