Robin Allison, Director

Water sensitive urban design (WSUD) is a means of using water to mimic natural process of retaining, filtering and infiltrating stormwater near to where it falls. This approach promotes the capture and use of water to support healthy vegetation in streetscapes and constrained urban areas.

Urban stormwater used to support healthy vegetation also helps to promote green infrastructure and ultimately improve liveability. By-products are improved amenity, less and better quality stormwater runoff, reduced urban heat island effects and a landscape that responds to its natural climate.

WSUD can be applied in almost any urban situation, including mild grades, contaminated soils and limited spaces – using clever design.

Engineers now have the tools available to implement WSUD and design disciplines now need to appreciate the flexibility of WSUD and insist on incorporation into street designs for community and environmental benefits.

Examples and design guides can be found at:

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