1. The Soldiers Memorial Avenue, Queens Domain

    Year: 2005
    Topics: Looking After the Avenue, Significant species

  2. The Tree Projects

    Year: 2021

  3. The TREENET Avenues of Honour 1915-2105 Project

    Year: 2015

  4. The Treenet Web Application

    Year: 2002
    Topics: designing a TREENET website

  5. The Urgency of Now

    Year: 2020
    Topics: Arbor Day Foundation, Tree Cities of the World, urban forest

  6. The use of trees in urban stormwater management

    Year: 2011
    Topics: biofiltration systems, urban trees and stormwater management

  7. The value of Trees – The Big Picture

    Year: 2002
    Topics: urban forest management, urban tree decline, value of urban trees

  8. The Value Of Urban Trees: Environmental Factors And Economic Efficiency

    Year: 2009

  9. The Winds of Climate Change Are Already Blowing In the Direction of Australian Arboriculture

    Year: 2015
    Topics: urban street trees, urban tree management

  10. Thinking Like a Tree: Developing a Framework for Tree Sensitive Urban Design – Martin Ely

    Year: 2008

  11. Tools to manage your street trees

    Year: 2003
    Topics: street tree management, street tree register

  12. Tree Cities of the World

    Year: 2019

  13. Tree Disputes – Managing Expectations

    Year: 2016

  14. Tree Disputes – Managing Expectations

    Year: 2017
    Topics: Tree Dispute Principle, tree dispute resolution, tree disputes, trees and the law

  15. Tree Establishment in the Urban Environment

    Year: 2013
    Topics: moisture stress, trees and heat stress, trees and sunburn, urban microclimate

  16. Tree Inspections – Getting them off the Ground


  17. Tree Inspections – Getting them off the Ground

    Year: 2008


    Year: 2007
    Topics: Mature trees are significant assets, greenhouse effect and climate change, managing trees under these changing conditions, trees and carbon balance, trees in urban landscapes

  19. Tree Planting Near Powerlines: What Species? – Bob Amezdroz

    Year: 2000
    Topics: tree planting and powerlines, tree species and powerlines

  20. Tree Protection Australian Standards and the Law: Getting it Right

    Year: 2018
    Topics: AS 4970-2000, Australian Standards, tree protection standard

  21. Tree protection laws in Australian states and territories

    Year: 2012
    Topics: tree protection legislation, trees and the law

  22. Tree Protection Zones & the Australian Standard – where did we go wrong?

    Year: 2017
    Topics: AS 4970, tree disputes, tree protection standard, tree protection zones, urban development, urban tree management

  23. Tree reports and planning

    Year: 2006
    Topics: The significant tree legislation, Tree assessment, tree protection zones

  24. Tree Risk Assessment A Workshop on Context

    Year: 2012

  25. Tree Root Identification using DNA Fingerprinting

    Year: 2004
    Topics: Tree Root Damage, and cultivar identification, molecular genetic techniques, root anatomy