The 21st National Street Tree Symposium
Virtual Exhibition
3rd - 24th September 2020


Who can be a Virtual Exhibitor?

During the Urban Forest Festival (3rd – 24th September 2020) Institutional Members and any other exhibitors are invited to ‘virtually’ display online any products or services; new initiatives; educational/training packages; organisational membership drives; as part of a unique opportunity to reach an interested audience.


Is there a cost to have a virtual exhibition space?

For TREENET Institutional Members the virtual exhibition space is FREE.

For non-members there is a charge of $1,000 (GST inc).


What's on offer?

The online virtual exhibition space provides a minimum, suggested 3-tiered package of options, to effectively engage with participants.
You may care to adopt one or all of these, or be creative with additional suggestions.  Please let us know.

  1. Submit/upload a video promotion (can be a short or long video);
  2. Submit/upload downloadable pamphlets, brochures;
  3. Commit to a ‘Zoom-style’ meeting on one or all Thursdays during the month of September.
    You'll be able to chat with participants, allowing them to log-in and to explore in real-time what you have to offer.
    NOTE: To maximise the potential availability of participants, your sessions will become available after the scheduled, live-streamed presentations that form part of the Urban Forest Festival program.

To book a ‘virtual’ exhibition stand, you'll first need to register for the event.  During the registration process, you will be asked if you are interested in being a virtual exhibitor - select "Yes".

You will be sent further instructions via email.

To register for the event, click on the link below:


Any questions please contact Glenn on [email protected] or 0448 599 955