Glenn Williams

Glenn’s working life began as a schoolteacher in South Australia, which led him then into adult education. During this time he became known for his expertise as a landscape gardener, his bushcare management of his lifestyle property in the Adelaide Hills, and his volunteer community involvement in the care and conservation of other natural areas […]

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Iteka Sanderson-Bromley

Iteka Sanderson-Bromley is a powerhouse of cultural knowledge and creativity, with roots deep in the Narungga, Adnyamathanha, and Yarluyandi traditions. Regularly spending time travelling home to Country and learning from family and Elders has given her a valuable connection to culture that is paramount in her practice. Iteka’s life has been a vibrant tapestry of

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Tjimari Sanderson-Milera

Tjimari Sanderson-Milera’s vision to help people see and appreciate Aboriginal culture stems from his pride in his Kokatha, Narungga, Kaurna, and Adnyamathanha heritage, in his People, and in his connection to Country. As the founder and Director of Kumarninthi he is on a mission to fill a gap in the education system that has failed

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Graham Gall

Graham is an award-winning professional photographer based in Canberra. While he shoots a wide variety of genre his passion is Australian flora and fauna. Graham is a Birdlife Photography Australia Gold and Bronze medallist, is widely published and is regularly commissioned for themed shoots for Exhibitions. Of relevance to Treenet is his work photographing trees.

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David Galwey

David’s experience as both an Arboricultural Consultant and an Acting Commissioner of the Land and Environment Court of NSW gives him helpful insights into navigating planning and development legal processes. David’s insights to applying AS4970 will help planners and arborists to avoid potential pitfalls and to understand the Standard’s strengths in guiding development, how to

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Alex Bodenstaff

Alex will provide arboricultural perspectives on inputs to development processes which delivered Western Australia’s North Metropolitan TAFE. This large-scale, long-term project demonstrated the challenges and the realities associated with applying AS4970 to guide development involving trees in WA. Alex will walk delegates through the stages of the AS4970 process using Treenet’s AS4970 Flow Chart from

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Cameron Ryder

As Treenet’s representative on the AS4970 Review Committee Cameron will introduce the purpose and approach of the Standard and give an update of the current revision process. Cameron will then present case studies detailing development projects of different scales that demonstrate some of the challenges and opportunities that arise in protecting trees on development sites

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